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Author:  smallpaws [ Fri Feb 27, 2004 12:39 am ]
Post subject:  ISPs

Now that we are almost there with Broadband I am looking to probably change my ISP. Although I have only had a few little problems with btopenworld in the past, they have now amalgamated with yahoo! and I'm having big problems every day - especially with accessing my account to change passwords etc.

I never changed to Freeserve with the free computer as I'd used it a long time ago and found it was 'down' a lot of the time.

I'd be interested to hear what ISPs others use and what they think of the service.

(I haven't changed from bt yet as I have satellite broadband at the moment, and it was such a hassle to set up I daren't make any changes!)


Author:  NickB [ Sun Feb 29, 2004 1:20 am ]
Post subject:  ISPs

I used to use BT Openworld . . . then 'unlimited' suddenly meant 150 hours per month and I started to get huge bills.

I currently use Freeserve Anytime and have had no significant problems in the past year. Occasionally between 6pm and 8pm it may take me up to three attempts to connect, but that is IMHO quite acceptable.

In the past I have also used Freeserve Pay As You Go and found it to be very reliable. I will be using Freeserve Broadband once we are enabled.

I have a lot of clients who use a variety of providers. Overall Freeserve have been consistently reliable for many years, and are the provider I usually recommend.

- Nick

Author:  smallpaws [ Sun Feb 29, 2004 1:31 am ]
Post subject: 

Thanks, Nick, I think I'm taking the airwaves over here :D

Since I posted the question on the forum I have indeed joined Freeserve Anytime, and will go Broadband with them if BT ever get their finger out and add that extra one to our registered number on the trigger level. I'm sick to death with BT, and never get a satisfactory answer to any queries.

I haven't called the help line (it's in India now, isn't it?) and have only emailed them. They seem to stick to certain answers without deviation, repetition, or hesitation (and I hate Just a Minute, too!).


Author:  Weehen [ Wed Mar 03, 2004 1:25 am ]
Post subject:  ISP's

Hi all,

Like Nick, I dumped BT Openworld when they threw us the 150 hours per month limit curve as well!!

At the time I was still doing my freelance MS Access development work and that time limit made receiving and transferring large files with clients a very expensive option.

Since moving over to Freeserve I have been very happy with their service and their customer care and helpline people are brilliant.

I have looked at the offer Tiscali are making on broadband which is very competitive for the lower speed Bband option, (they have three options, I believe), but I'm loathe to abandon Freeserve until I am given good reason to do so.

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