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ladies of a certain age
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Author:  khartoumteddy [ Fri Jan 15, 2010 3:44 pm ]
Post subject:  ladies of a certain age

The actress who may look her age
a treasure on the screen or stage
her voice with passion,feeling,verve
tantalysing every nerve

history sometimes shows in her face
age combined with lines and grace
proving how good you could look at a push
without pounds of plastic padding in your mush

have you noticed too her smile
the corners of her mouth they move
though not showing perfect teeth
not chemically enhanced nor neon bright
but more or less even ,her own and white

look now at your modern miss
is this truly a face you`d kiss
eyes reflecting lack of soul
eyebrows and cheeks don`t move at all
so difficult to really love
is this the plan of those above

whatever was woman not long ago
without implants and reductions none will know
then opening her mouth to speak
a dialectic nasal shriek

I must confess here truth to tell
modern plastic woman my idea of hell
oh how it would dismay my soul
if they all looked like cheryl cole

ladies of a certain age
Those on T.V screen or stage
think they`ve shown us how to do it
.None compares with Moira Stuart.

TEDDY :smashPC

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