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global warming and me
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Author:  khartoumteddy [ Sat Nov 28, 2009 1:11 am ]
Post subject:  global warming and me

Global warming, theres a shame

vegetarians are to blame;

when we talk of greenhouse gasses

let us all be fair

some is scientific fact,the rest is just hot air;

I could make their lives complete

just by never eating meat:

giving up on pork and ham

beef and goat or shank of lamb;

But that would not the problem cure

theres more to this,of course i`m sure:

Foeget fossil fuels ---bear this in mind

Not all carbon emissions are blown in the wind;

Now here is a thought that could send you to sleep

How much methane from millions of sheep??

another thing too as it go`s

how much from 80 million cows??

And who really gives two figs

if wind emits from farm bred pigs!!

But without beef sheep and pork

how would feeding people work?

Great evidence has come to pass

damage done by creatures eating grass;

perhaps although I cant be sure

I may propose this as a cure:

If methane problems can`t be beat

We`ll all return to eating meat;

At least for myself i pledge

return to roast beef and two veg:

TEDDY :smashPC

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